Interview with the PC: What's Next?

And you thought a phone interview is challenging. How about the next phase, which will involve using Webcam technology? Many major employers have become more sophisticated in the use of such technology and are using the services of companies like Interview Stream for Webcam interviewing. The Webcam is an additional selection tool a company can use before it’s willing to commit further time and money.

How To Turn Job Rejection Into An Advantage

Job rejection isn’t uncommon. What’s really uncommon is an attitude to face the challenges head-on and use everything that comes your way to your advantage.

It is NOT natural to feel demoralized, upset, and angry upon receiving a gut wrenching “Thanks, but no thanks” notification from an employer you were so eager to work for. It is mental conditioning, and this behavior can be altered.

How Different People React To Job Rejection

How to get that Computer to Send your Resume to a Real Person

When you submit a résumé online, do you ever wonder where it goes, who reads it and -- if you're lucky -- how it gets picked? In today's electronic world, many companies use keyword-search software or applicant-tracking systems in their hiring process. These systems scan résumés for keywords related to the open position to find the most relevant ones for the next round. This helps companies, especially large ones, sort through a high volume of résumés quickly and efficiently.

How to Get a Face-to-Face Interview

Getting interviews? If not, perhaps it's time you learned how others are meeting HR decision makers. Here are some effective but indirect ways to get noticed by the people who can get you hired.

Best Referrals Are a Friend of a Friend
Ask friends, "Do you know anyone who might know someone?" Then, don't be afraid to discuss your job search wherever you go-at the gym, church, ballgames, parties, social media and so forth. When the opportunity presents itself, be open and honest about what you're looking for.


How Jack Welch Hires

The Must-Haves, the Definitely-Should-Haves and the Game-Changer

September 23, 2013

by Jack and Suzy Welch

Hiring? What a great problem to have. It can only mean your organization is growing, which is terrific, or that you’ve got an existing position you can now fill with an even bigger dose of talent than before.

Either way, congratulations.

Why aren’t you smiling?

How Employers use Social Media to Screen Applicants

We all know recruiters use social media to screen candidates on a daily basis. But how are they doing this?

The good folks down at Reppler recently conducted a survey of 300 professionals who are involved in the hiring process at their company to understand the use of social networks for screening job applicants. The results of this survey are shown in this infographic below.

HJS_ Elevator_Speech_Handout_Stella

Elevate Your Elevator Speech

A ‘Stellar Presentation’ for the Hudson Job Search



  1. Write down your typical ‘Elevator Speech’, the answer to the question ‘What do you do?





Get your Resume Past Applicant Tracking Systems

By Vivian Giang

When you apply for a job at a larger firm, there's a high chance that your resume will be scanned by a filtering software for words related to certain job vacancies. This kind of automation process will also reject your resume if it doesn't "meet traditional, business-dictated document formatting," writes Rick Gillis in his book

Here are some formatting rules that Gillis says job seekers should follow to create a filtering software-friendly resume:

Five Ways to Look Relaxed During a Job Interview

by Amy Levin-Epstein
MoneyWatch | March 20, 2013

Few people actually like job interviewing. It's nerve-wracking trying to show your "best" self to a perfect stranger. You're trying to prove you're the man or woman for the job and that you can handle stressful situations like this one. That's not easy, but there are some ways to pull yourself together and feel more confident.

Even if you're getting butterflies during your next interview, here are five ways to at least look less nervous.

Five Smart Moves Most Job-Seekers Are Afraid To Make

By Liz Ryan, Forbes Contributer    If I could grab job-seekers by the figurative lapels I’d tell them, “The talent market has moved. It is not where you left it. It’s a different world now!”

Many job-seekers are too docile and compliant for their own good. They think that they will shuffle through the steps in a big-company recruiting process and get a great job at the end of the process. They are mistaken. Only the people who advocate for themselves end up being valued as much as they should be.

Five Reasons to Network

February 7, 2012 By Dan Toussant

Why build a network?  Why contact people?

For the most part,

  1. They will NOT have a job for you to consider,
  2. They may NOT be interested in talking with you; (people are SO busy), and
  3. Why take the time to go meet, when you could be filling out an on-line application, or responding to a job posting with a resume and cover letter!

Right?  Wrong!!!