Five Myths About Landing a Good Job Later in Life

There’s a stereotypical view of job opportunities for older workers, and it’s not pretty. It goes something like this. If you’re past 50 and thinking of a career switch, forget it. The opportunities for older workers in the new economy are pretty much nonexistent. And you’re in even worse shape if you’re in your 50s or 60s and retired but want to get back into the workforce in a job that is both challenging and financially rewarding.

Finally a Straight Answer about How Long a Resumes should be

Many of us are confused by conflicting advice on how to write a resume. The most glaring disagreement is how long a resume should be. You met with a career coach and he or she tells you one thing. A recruiter tells you something else. The workforce center asks you to change it again. Before I suggest the number of pages that your resume should be, remember the most important rule of all: Your resume is an advertisement and the resume should effectively sell your skills, experience and abilities for that job.

Don't Make These Mistakes On LinkedIn

  • Don’t Dismiss LinkedIn as Something Only for People Who Are Looking For a New Job. The best time to build your LinkedIn profile, connect with people, and participate on LinkedIn is now, before you need it. If you find yourself suddenly unemployed and decide that now is the time to start using LinkedIn, you’re going to be playing catch up. Instead, take time to “dig your well before you’re thirsty,” as author Harvey Mackay says.


Creating a Target List of Companies

How to Find Companies to Work For

By Alison Doyle, Guide

If you don't have a target list of companies - a short list of employers you would be thrilled to work for - it's a good idea to research company information and create a list of companies to target in your job search. All the information you need is available on the web, and it's easy to find detailed information about potential employers online.

Take the Time to Target Companies

Conventional or Behavioral Based Interviewing

A job interview has been scheduled for you, but do you know what types of questions you’ll have to answer? This is the dilemma most candidates face. Don’t panic. You can prepare for various types of questions, and I’ll give you a few hints later on. Most companies are using one or the other type: conventional questions or behavior-based questions; even a combination of them is likely.

Concluding Your Job Search ... Starting Your New Job

By: Bob Madison

Congratulations on landing a new position!  Of course you’re happy ... you should be. But before you say, “thank goodness that’s over”, there are several things remaining to be done. These will help you start your new job on the right foot ... and better position you should you have to re-enter the job market in the future (sorry to mention that possibility!).  Here are some tips:  

Companies Hiring for Gen Y Attributes vs. Skills

Hiring managers used to assess candidates based on a laundry list of required skills. If the candidate wasn’t plug-and-play material, he or she wasn’t considered for the job. But things are changing. According to T.C. Whittaker, president and CEO of national recruiting firm 3P Staffing, now there’s a shift toward attribute-based hiring, where skill sets are less of a decision driver. Why?

Changing the face of Recruiting with Technology

What is the benefit of having a paper resume, when it doesn’t show the true character of the applicant? I’m all for more technology! There are people out there who through their lives, have had more experience than those who share their skills on paper. My thoughts are to capture the live energy of the person as they share their skills and how they articulate in speaking what experience they have had in a certain field.  With all the technology on our phones, why not go for a video resume? That way the person can shine and smile their way into a new career.

Career Transition For Middle-Aged Professionals

Career transition for middle-aged professionals poses particular challenges and hazards we’ve become all too familiar with. “I’m too old,” “they’ll want someone younger,” “I’ve become too expensive,” and “They might see me as past my prime or otherwise burned out” are all common and fairly logical assumptions that 50-somethings have made since the Great Recession of 2008 reared its ugly head and produced a jobless recovery.

Answering the Question- What is your Greatest Weakness?

One of the questions that tends to throw candidates off at interviews is when they are asked about their biggest weakness. You can look the part, sound the part, and be absolutely flying, but when it comes to this particular question there is a tendency for nerves and panic to set in. I have also spoken to many people who are preparing and rehearsing for an interview, and this is always the one they get stuck on.

A Top Career Coach Reveals her Favorite Resume Strategies

For more than 20 years, "Résumé Magic" author Susan Britton Whitcomb has helped thousands of people better manage their job hunts and careers. The job market has changed substantially during this time, but what hasn't changed are many of the obstacles job seekers struggle to overcome in their quest for employment. For example, one of the most common weaknesses people have in the job search is a lack of understanding about how to write a résumé that succinctly tells employers what they can do that other candidates can't.

8 Tips to Less Awkward Networking Meetings

You have worked hard and found someone to connect you with a person in your company of interest. You are an accountant. John in the IT department has agreed to meet with you. You know you want to work for his company. He knows you want to work for his company, what now? Here are some tips to maximize the meeting:

1) If the main point of the meeting is to ask, "can you hire me?", you are wasting your time. John works in another department and is not in the position to hire you.

8 Things Really Successful People Do

By Kevin Daum

Real success takes discipline and methodology. Here are eight things the most successful people are meticulous about getting right.

Most people claim to want success. But not everyone is willing to do the hard work and the smart work to get there. Often opportunities present themselves and because people are distracted, they miss them or give up on them before things fully develop.

7 Ways to Reinforce your Brand on your Resume

by Cheryl Simpson on January 13, 2014

In a crowded labor market, how can you make your candidacy stand out? In short, by being yourself. The more you can make your resume uniquely reflective of your talents, gifts, and experiences, the more it will reflect “Brand You.”

Just in time for the 2014 hiring season, here are 10 ways you can reinforce your brand on your resume:

1. Use A Keyword-Driven Title

7 Ways to be more Disciplined

by S. Anthony Iannarino

Self-discipline is the master key to sales success. All other disciplines, attributes, and skill sets are built upon the foundation of self-discipline.

1. Written Commitments and Outcomes

Write down the commitments you make to yourself. There are no greater promises than the promises that you make to yourself. These promises are what enable you to be able to keep your promises to others.