10 LinkedIn Groups Every Job Searcher Should Join

Posted by Mark on June 24th, 2009

If you are out and about looking for jobs and have yet to open a LinkedIn account, do it now. LinkedIn although not as popular as facebook or twitter is certainly one of the best job search tools on the web for job hunters. There are many features that LinkedIn provides for job seekers that other social platform usually don’t have. For example, your LinkedIn profile alone serves as an online resume. It’s hard to portray your facebook, twitter or even MySpace profile (if you still use) as an online resume. That is one of the main void in the online job search space that LinkedIn fills in. The other key aspect of using LinkedIn is the recommendation feature that allows others to recommend you. This gives employers and recruiters a better sense of your work ethics, skills, etc.

Besides the community itself and other rich features that LinkedIn provides, there is one feature that stands out among all other – groups. LinkedIn has many groups, some started by individuals and some by companies. These groups are a community of people that are like minded, in similar situation or who share common problems and discuss within that group to seek solutions. As you can imagine, there are plenty of groups for job seekers online. After all, a platform that is considered to be one of the best job search tool has to have some amazing groups for job seekers. Below you will find ten groups for job seekers that are some of the best among thousands of them. Before we get into the groups, let’s quick take a look at the visual LinkedIn guide that we created a few weeks ago. Please click on the image to enlarge it


1. The Talent Buzz : The Talent Buzz group is for all Job Seekers, Candidates, Recruiting, HR, and Marketing professionals interested in networking, and being kept up to date with the latest trends in Human Resources, Recruitment, Social Media, and Social Networking.

2. Executive Suit : Connect with over 100,000 US-based executive and recruiter members. Your email address will be used to send you our free, biweekly career trend newsletter, Executive Insider, and other relevant information.

3. Linked:HR : If you are a manager, corporate recruiter, headhunter, trainer, HR service provider or consultant, join Linked:HR now! Linked:HR is the largest HR Group on LinkedIn. Job seekers should joing this group to see the internal discussion among recruiters and HR service providers.

4. JobsDirectUS : JobsDirectUSA.com networking groups are ideal for every job seeker and hr recruiter on linkedin. Your linked source for jobs, job seekers, linked:hr recruiters, staffing executives, human resources, corporate recruiters, talent bar, seo experts, linkedin open networkers, consultants and every star: candidate.

5. Star:Candidate For Hire : The Group works in tandem with Linked:HR, by far the largest Recruiters Group on LinkedIn. Linked:HR recruiters are regularly reminded to check Star: Candidate for top candidates. Also use this Group to discuss and network with other candidates, share tips, get news about the job market, and read the Jobs posted by many recruiters or available through job portals RSS Feed (i.e., Monster, Indeed, JobsDirectUSA).

6. Indeed : This is the official linkedin group for the job search site indeed.com. If you are already using indeed (you should if you aren’t) join this group for discussion any events and jobs notification.

7. Career Rocketeer : The fastest-growing professional networking group for career search, career development and personal branding. Career Rocketeer brings career and job seekers and employers, recruiters and career experts together for mutual success.

8. Project:Get Hired : A motivational support group for job hunters to share creative strategies and stay motivated. Whether you are recently downsized or have been unemployed for awhile, join for valuable information and insight.

9. MyCredentials : Career Presentation : This group helps candidates greatly extend their resume as well as career portfolio in just minutes with simple & easy solutions. Join to network with people, who seek resume & interview enhancement.

10. Job Search Help : This group is for all Job Seekers. Share advice and leads. Network and help each other. Discuss Job Boards, job search engines, career sites, ways to write a good resume etc.

Please feel free to share some of the LinkedIn groups that you are a part of with the rest of us.