4 Ways Your Ego is Getting in the Way of Your Job Search

April 19, 2014

Toeing the line between confidence and arrogance is an easy line to cross during your job search. Sure, you might have strong technical skills and experience. You probably have a great network and personal brand, too. And chances are, you probably can find a colleague who can write you a glowing letter of recommendation. But can all these things truly set you apart during your job search?

If you have many of these traits, you may not realize an underlying problem that could negatively impact your job search: your ego. Although confidence is a good quality to have, it’s important not to be overconfident as a job seeker. Fifty-six percent of job seekers say they’re confident they know what employers are looking for in a candidate. However, only 15 percent of hiring managers say nearly all or most job seekers have the skills and traits they’re looking for in a candidate. This shows how important it is for job seekers to remain level-headed during their search.

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