The 5 Most Confusing Things About Job Searching

by: Alison Green

Feburary 11th, 2013

Searching for a job can be fraught with stress and anxiety—and also confusion. Job seekers don't always know what rules employers expect them to play by, and employers frequently engage in behaviors that job candidates find baffling.

Here are five of the most confusing elements of looking for a new job.


1. Why do some employers set up phone interviews and then never call? It's surprisingly common for an employer to schedule a phone interview with a candidate, but then not call at the scheduled time and not bother to get back in touch to reschedule. Even worse, the candidate's attempts to get back in touch are often met with silence.

Usually this happens because the phone interviewer is disorganized—forgot the call or scheduled something else for that time without bothering to notify the candidate. And sometimes they don't get back in touch because they've moved forward with other candidates instead. It's incredibly rude behavior, and is the sign of an employer you might not want to work with anyway.

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