Changing the face of Recruiting with Technology

What is the benefit of having a paper resume, when it doesn’t show the true character of the applicant? I’m all for more technology! There are people out there who through their lives, have had more experience than those who share their skills on paper. My thoughts are to capture the live energy of the person as they share their skills and how they articulate in speaking what experience they have had in a certain field.  With all the technology on our phones, why not go for a video resume? That way the person can shine and smile their way into a new career.

If the  job seeker is looking for a specific field and if it’s a technical job, then it’s best to find a recruiter.   (Often times if you have a resume listed on or another site like the latest trend to use HIREMELIVE.COM the recruiters will find you)   The latest trend is the video resume that is the big news used by recruiters right now!  WWW.HIREMELIVE.COM

Recruiters, whether they are part of an Agency or an Internal company Recruiter, will benefit greatly by having the ability to do a group interview with the top candidates.  Plus it the Recruiter decides they’d like to do a 2nd interview with one top candidate they can use the tools on HIREMELIVE.COM to do just that “live!”

I went to  who say internal recruiters have a disadvantage in being helpful to job seekers!

1. Internal recruiters can’t operate as a third party broker. (it’s their job to entice job seeker to their company)

2. They only have a one sided look at the view of the overall market. (they really don’t share with the job seeker other job opportunities in comparable jobs, outside their company they represent.)


Agency Recruiters side to the story.

1. explains their thinking by saying they can provide a balance and have unbiased advice for the job seeker.

2. They act as an advocate for the candidate, who otherwise may be overlooked.

3.They can share salaries and benefits to the candidate and vital market intelligence.


Attractive bonuses for employees!

Many companies will offer their employees a bonus for bringing in a new worker.  The bonus can be a  gift certificate, or it may be as much as thousands of dollars!   Hmm? That’s a cool way for employees to get extra cash in their pocket.  What a great way to put a little fire in the person who is energetic enough to search out job seekers for their company!


What is attractive to the recruiter in a job seekers qualifications?

Job recruiters seek out extremely specific qualities. They may not be interested in you even if you have a fantastic resume.  Recruiters look for the candidate with experience, so if you give your resume to a recruiter, make sure you add as much information about what you have done, even if it does not relate to a specific job.  The resume you send to a recruiter should include all  your capabilities and skills so the recruiter has a good picture of what you are all about!  This helps them determine if you would be the right person for the company they represent.

Red Flags?

I UNDERSTAND, Recruiters don’t typically charge the person searching for the job.  So be wary if someone wants you to pay them for finding you a job!  If they ask you for money then this indicates they may not be a skilled recruiter!  Recruiters that do a great job will get their pay from the company they are working for or representing.


What does attitude say to a recruiter?

The website called, “Careerbright” thinks that recruiters are going more towards candidates with great attitudes, verses skills.  They say it’s much easier to train someone with good positive thinking attitude.  They also say that recruiters are interviewing job seekers who send them resumes and asking more behavioral questions. For example: 1. Ask the candidate how they would resolve an issue.  2. Ask for a situation that they had to think fast and do the best they could in. 3.  What would they do if they came upon this at work?


Food for thought about using the latest trend in technology.

Right now there is an urgency to help more people get employment!  The fact that those in the world of recruiting have these advantages available right now is awesome!   The recruiters can view more applicants and streamline their efforts by using the latest technology. They can view the candidates in their office, or do a live meeting with the top picks for an open posting.  Whether it be by phone or computer, technology is available so we can all help each other.  Companies are excited and recruiters can find unique top candidates that can shine brighter on video!

By Kathy Rossi Posted November 26th, 2013