Just Got Hired

100 Days to the Perfect Start

By Jeff Haden

March 21, 2013

You’re starting a new job. You’re good at what you do... or at least you were good at what you did at your old job. But now you’re unproven.

Now you need to get off to a great start... and you don’t have a lot of time to make that happen. If you’re a senior executive you probably have three months to stake out your position and take a few major – and visible – steps.

If you’re lower on the corporate ladder you might have even less time.

I haven’t started a new job in forever, so I found someone better to give advice: Jim Whitehurst. He’s gone from a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group to Treasurer and then Chief Operating Officer of Delta Airlines and is now the CEO of Red Hat, the $1.1 billion open source software company.

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