Peer to Peer Interviewing

Peer-to-peer interviewing is an especially successful interview process for small companies and for team-based operations, as it allows the organization to get a more complete idea of a candidate’s overall fit.

The Upside to Peer-to-Peer Interviewing:

  • Transfer of knowledge. Applicants are able to learn more about the company from employees (who are likely to tell it a little more like it is).
  • Guard is down. Applicants are more likely to let their guard down with peers, so the organization will get a better sense of who their candidates are and how they’ll fit.
  • Morale is up. Employees help to select their future coworkers. Being involved in the selection process is good for morale and productivity; employees now have more of a stake in the organization. All this strengthens workers’ commitment to the organization and builds on a community atmosphere, in which peoples’ opinions do matter.
  • Happy together. As employees are invested in the new hires’ success (they’ve already met them and have a sense of who they are), they are more likely to help new employees. Similarly, new employees start work knowing their peers support them.

Is there a downside?

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