Why your attitude and excuses are killing your job search

Posted by Nanette on Mar 24, 2014 in Career

It can get tough when you’re searching for the perfect job to fit your specific career goals.

When things don’t happen the way you want it’s easy to get frustrated, down on your self and take on a negative attitude; but developing a negative attitude will only make it that much harder to reach your goals.

How attitude affects your job search

That negative attitude creeps in and it affects decisions & planning. It can easily allow you to become desperate during your job search and that look of desperation can be hard to shake during an interview.

It’s easy to think you’re doing everything humanly possible as a job seeker because you’re busy everyday focusing on your job search. This must mean something is wrong with everyone else because they’re not calling you for their positions. Unfortunately, this is probably not the case and it’s better to regroup and just honestly ask yourself…

“What can I do differently or more of to produce a different result?”

Talk about it less and take more action

Your negative attitude can make you think that you’re doing a lot more during your job search than you actually are doing. When you have a negative view of everything you do then you think to yourself…”well I tried this and nothing happened and yesterday I did this and nothing happened”. You get frustrated and start asking yourself what else do I possibly need to do? Why aren’t employers seeing how great I am and calling me? Does this sound like any job seekers you know?

Do any of these statements below sound familiar? Have you or someone you know said any of these things? More talk than action. That’s likely why the expected results aren’t happening.


1. I have applied to a hundred jobs this week. (although when asked can only come up with a list that is a tenth of the actual number mentioned)

2. I get referrals from friends, acquaintances, etc and follow up with all of them. (the question is how did they follow up with each)

3. I don’t need to prepare for my interviews because I am great at interviewing. (yet they’re not receiving offers or requests for 2nd interviews)

4. They have no job (income = $0.00) but won’t accept a job (even just for income while searching for a job) in their field because it is not paying the salary they believe they are worth. (remember the salary you believe you’re worth and the salary employers are willing to pay for your skills/expertise can be two very different numbers)

5. I’m way too busy with school to start thinking about or planning my job search…employers will just have to wait until I graduate. (even though they’re a senior a few months away from graduation & employers have many other candidates to choose from)

6. I know my resume is good because my friend critiqued it for me and he’s in the same field. (yet employers are not calling to schedule interviews and your friend is unemployed too)


First things first. Just because someone gives you advice doesn’t mean it’s good advice…even if it comes from your parent, sibling or best friend…remember that and get the right advice for your situation from people that have the experience to help.

It only hurts YOU when you say you’re doing all these things (networking, attending events, applying every day, etc.) but you’re actually just applying to jobs on monster every day.

If you are actually doing the work then you need to keep doing it but make sure you’re executing a plan that is directly aligned with your specific career goals.

Overcome the negative attitude
<Image of smiley faces>

No matter how hard you try, you’ll think that you have masked your attitude but it will always find a way to show its negative self.

Although it’s hard, change your attitude and produce better results.


1. Re-discover the things in your life that do make you happy and spend time doing those types of things in between your job search!

2. Spend more time with family and good friends…once you start talking and laughing your attitude will change and you might even get some referrals or leads!

3. Be thankful for those things you do have!

4. Create a job search to do list and give yourself a sense of accomplishment by checking off tasks completed each day!

5. If a specific action related to your job search doesn’t produce the expected result the first or second time…don’t get discouraged…be flexible and just try something different.

6. Put a smile on your face! It will make you think differently and become more productive!

7. Get inspiration that will motivate you to keep going and doing more!