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13 Tactics to Attract Attention to Your LinkedIn Profile

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When it comes to finding your next position, there’s no doubt about it, your LinkedIn profile and resume need to be ship-shape. Here are thirteen easy and not-so-easy ways to do so.

  1. Join the Hudson Job Search Group
  2. Weekly, provide Interesting Job Seeking Tips in This Group
  3. Share content on your LinkedIn profile or in the Hudson Job Search group every business day (Hint: it can come from people or companies you follow.) For example, during this stressful time of COVID-19, meditation is something I find very calming. Here’s a free practice from Deepak Chopra, MD:
  4. If you have written blog posts in your current or previous position, repurpose this content on your LinkedIn page.
  5. Seize the opportunity to extend well wishes to your connections when they have a birthday, workplace anniversary, new job, or job promotion. Ask to schedule a virtual coffee with them.
  6. Comment and share one post from your timeline per day.
  7. Connect with 3-5 people every business day (hint: start with all your business cards and throw them away once you’ve connected)
  8. Connect with people that went to your college
  9. Put in job search terms that recruiters might use when hiring you. For example, put in Chemical Engineering Manager and see who comes up. Analyze your competitors, learn from their profiles, and implement what you can into yours.
  10. Ask to be a guest blogger for industry or association websites and push these blogs on your LinkedIn profile.
  11. Be transparent about what you want in your summary. If you’re going to move to Phoenix and work part-time, say that.
  12. Occasionally, share funny or personal posts.
  13. A person you know beats you out for the job. Call them and find out if they think their current employer might be interested in interviewing you.

About De-de Mulligan

She is a digital marketer, blogger, and President of Mulligan Management Group, a full-service, boutique marketing agency located in Stow, Ohio. She serves as an advisor and is on the Hudson Job Search Board of Directors and Leadership Team. You can connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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