Phone: 234-380-6808
Phone: 234-380-6808

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Free Job Search Seminars & Networking

Monday Night Speaker Meetings

At Hudson Job Search we help unemployed and underemployed professionals through the use of two approaches. One, is what we call our Monday Night Speaker Meetings.  The other is with a dedicated Advisor. 

Monday Night Speaker Meetings are free, 90-minute, casual seminars on essential job search and career topics. All are welcome to attend.  These free seminars feature speakers that are experienced in the many aspects of a job search and include Human Resource Executives, Coaches, Attorneys, Professional Resume Writers, Business Owners, Career Services Executives and more.  Each meeting begins with a brief period to network, and for those working with a dedicated Advisor, this is an opportunity to be introduced to other Advisors and professionals that volunteer their time and expertise with the organization.

Monday night meetings are held on the first and third Monday nights of each month. Use the links to the Events Calendar on this page to register for each event and fill out our contact us form for additional information about working with an Advisor, speaking engagements or other ways to volunteer.

In-Person and On-Line Meetings:

Our in-person meetings are held at Christ Church Episcopal located at 21 Aurora Street in Hudson, Ohio. We encourage all participants to attend in-person when possible but for those that are out of town or feel more comfortable participating at home, they can attend the meeting virtually.

The meetings are free.  All are welcome. Registration is required.  Parking is behind the church, and come through the double doors to the Parish Hall. Dress is business casual. 

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Free Job Search Services

Personal Coaching With a Dedicated Advisor

Hudson Job Search offers unemployed and underemployed individuals free one-on-one coaching service to help with their job search process. A dedicated Hudson Job Search Advisor works with each job seeker to polish essential job search skills, including:

  • Job Search Focus and Goal Setting
  • Building and Exercising a Network
  • Organizing the Job Search
  • Interviewing Skills and Preparation
  • Negotiating Compensation
  • Resume and Marketing Letter Writing
  • Coaching and Moral Support
  • Closing the Offer
  • PRADCO Assessments and Review

The Hudson Job Search organization offers comprehensive services to those that live or worship in Hudson, Ohio. We also extend an abbreviated version of our job seeker services to all unemployed and underemployed individuals who live in Northeast Ohio. If you are looking for employment; whether you have lost a job, are re-entering the workforce after an extended break, or are seeking employment for the first time, we can help!

We encourage college graduates, individuals who are reentering the workforce, underemployed and unemployed individuals to tap into the wealth of knowledge and services our nonprofit organization offers. We look forward to serving you!  Fill out our contact form to get started or register for one of our free job seeker seminars.

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