Phone: 234-738-0292 Email:

Phone: 234-738-0292 Email:


We have 45 Volunteer Coaches Ready to Help You.

Our mission is to help job seekers to be more efficient in their search.

Coaching Services
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Our coaches assist in developing your resume, cover letter, and marketing plan. Then, we will conduct a practice interview with you before the real ones begin. Next, we will send you job leads (some only available to us) as we receive them. Lastly, our coaches offer general encouragement and advice about the job search process.

We are not a recruiting or job placement firm.

 Volunteers provide their time and services. We only ask for a commitment of your own time and effort over a three-six week period. Understand the value of using a coach by reading this blog post


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Please fill out our contact form. Once submitted, Jim Ahern will call you within one-three days. Following a conversation between Jim and you, a coach will be assigned to you and set up the first Zoom or in-person meeting. Therefore, it is vital to keep a continuous flow of communications with your coach. If you wish to venture on your own or obtain a job, please let your coach know.


While we are based in Hudson, Ohio, we work with underemployed or unemployed individuals throughout northeast Ohio who need our coaching services. Our goal is to expedite your search so you can get back to work faster!

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