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Mark Gonska, Chief Connections Officer, and EVP at Dise & Company revealed how to destroy job search obstacles and other problems. Mark has helped over 8,000 people move forward in their careers.


Mark Gonska, Hudson Job Search Hudson Ohio, Overcoming Job Search Obstacles

Crushing Every Obstacle

Mark says “Too many job seekers fall for each of these obstacles like turtles who have landed on their shells. They struggle and squirm but don’t get any traction to move ahead to the job they want.”


So what are the obstacles that are stopping you from getting a job that you not only deserve but want?

Overcoming Job Search Obstacles, Hudson Job Search Hudson Ohio


No clear job target

Have you ever heard the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s whom you know”? It may surprise you, but 80% of jobs now come from talking to the right people. As we discussed in previous blogs, networking can work for you. However, if you do not have a clear job target, then you are wasting your time. A clear goal will give you an advantage on the competition by minimizing time spent on leads that do not meet your job target. Knowing what you want will improve your networking results tremendously.


Not treating your job search as a project

When searching for your target job you have to consider what is your desired salary. Let’s say you’re looking for somewhere around $150,000 a year plus benefits which is around an extra 30 percent. So over the next five years, you will be compensated around $975,000! That is much money on the table! Now ask yourself, “Am I treating this job search as if $975,000 is at stake?” You have to treat every phone call, voicemail, and email like it’s worth nearly a million dollars. Know that while you are working on this project, you have to lose any fear of people or failure. If you feel like you are too persistent, then you are on the right track.

Blowing the interview

Interviews are worse — sweaty hands, upset stomach, and you always feel like the interviewer is going to find something wrong with you. I’d tell you to picture them in their underwear, but that may make you feel even more nauseous.

Think of this interview as a networking opportunity. You are meeting someone for the first time, and they want to see if you are the right fit for the position. Remember to ask questions, have answers prepared, and know what you want. Make it known that it costs them not to hire you. You are the solution to their problems and needs, and only YOU can relieve their headaches. Tailor your resume to the position by following Marks resume rules.

No offers

You applied, interviewed, and was rejected, so now what? You FOLLOW UP! Like I said earlier, persistence is vital. Start by asking the person who got the job what company they were working for, if they have any other leads, or if they know of any headhunters looking for applicants. Do not accept defeat because as soon as you do you already lost. Follow up every month after the interview to check in. As soon as a position opens up, you will be on the top of the call list.


Decide whom you want to be

Hudson Job Search Hudson Ohio, Mark Gonska Dise & Company, job seekers



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