Phone: 234-380-6808
Phone: 234-380-6808

Serving Job Seekers for 40 Years

Hudson Job Search 40 Year

Hudson Job Search is a volunteer, nonprofit, organization serving unemployed and underemployed professionals in the Northeast Ohio area. Since our formation in 1982, we have assisted more than 4,500 job-seeking individuals through:

• One-on-one mentoring with a dedicated Advisor
• Bi-monthly meetings with free job seeker seminar
• Networking resources and opportunities

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See What Our Job Finders Are Saying

The mock interview process helped tremendously.  I felt more prepared and confident during my interview with the hiring team than I would have otherwise!

I really appreciate the help that I received from Hudson Job Search.  It helped in so many ways – thank you!

Maria Passerell

The Hudson Job Search meeting was great! Thank you so much for your valuable presentation on LinkedIn. I picked up a ton to improve my profile. Thank you!!!

Mark Horner

Thank you so much for everything. Words cannot begin to really say those thanks.

Meg Merchant

Thank you for the time and effort you put into guiding me through the wilderness over the past year. I am very grateful. You made a difference for me and my family.

Tim Pell