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Phone: 234-380-6808

Volunteer Advisor: FAQs

If you are interested in volunteering in the Hudson, Ohio area, then consider being a volunteer advisor.  Learn more about becoming a volunteer on our “Advisor: Volunteer in Hudson” page. On this page we help to answer the top 10 frequently asked questions about becoming an advisor and offering free services for job seekers

Top 10 Advisor FAQs

1. What does a Hudson Job Search Advisor do?

A Hudson Job Search Advisor provides coaching and other support to the job seekers they are assigned. These job seekers are referred to as “clients,” however all services are free. Unemployed clients are seeking job search assistance. Get a full Advisor Job Description.

2. What does Advisor duties include?

Advisors are trained in the HJS process of providing client assistance in the following areas: job research, resumes, marketing plans, networking, interviewing, negotiating offers, and follow-up steps after landing a new position. Our Free Job Search Services page has more details.

3. I have no Human Resource or Recruiting experience; how can I support a job seeker?

You don’t need an HR or recruiting background to be a coach.  Through the initial training, bi-annual retreats, and the support of other coaches, you will learn what’s necessary to support your job seekers.

4. What is the time commitment?

There are Advisor Meetings held once a month for approximately one hour where the advisors advocate for their clients, the job seeker, and collaborate with other advisors to seek help from others on behalf of the job seekers assigned to them.  Directly following the Advisor Meeting is a Monday Night Speaker Event.

Monday Night Speaker Events are held twice a month for one-and-one-half hours with experts on various job search processes. Both advisors and job seekers are encouraged to attend these free meetings. 

Finally, throughout the job search process, advisors generally meet with their job seekers on a biweekly basis (virtually or in-person) for an hour of coaching, progress reviews, coping with challenges, and to provide moral support.

5. How am I assigned a job seeker?

The President of Hudson Job Search conducts a brief interview of all job seekers. After reviewing their background, experience, and considering each advisor’s current availability and background, the President selects the coach that he believes can help the job seeker the most. 

6. How many job seekers would I have at any one time?

Most advisors choose only to have one job seeker at a time.  

7. How many job seekers would I have in a year?

Depending on the job market, how many unemployed and underemployed people are seeking our free job search services, the number of advisors volunteering for Hudson Job Search and your availability you can expect to work with 2 – 10 job seekers in a year.

8. What if I can’t make an Advisor Meeting?

Advisors are encouraged to attend monthly Advisor Meetings – whether they are working with a job seeker or not. Many advisors without an assigned job seeker help make to connections when they attend the meetings and hear about each job seeker story.

However, in the absence, one can remain current by reviewing the minutes of the meeting sent out following each meeting.

The benefits of attending are:
• gain additional insight or network contacts that would help your job seeker,
• provide the same to other coaches and
• learn from the training offered.

9. How are advisors trained?

Initially, coaches are provided introductory training. We have a defined process to assist job seekers with tools that include a guidebook, checklists, and progress Gantt charts. Tools and other resources are available online in the coach’s section of the website. During the bi-monthly meeting, time is spent on training. There are specific bi-annual retreats as well.

10. Can I use the coach or advisor meetings to promote my own personal business?


Volunteering in Hudson

Pictured here are several advisors that attended the Advisor Retreat on April 2, 2022. This is a bi-annual event to update advisors and collaborate about changes within the organization. Several  advisors also joined the event virtually, via Zoom.

Hudson Job Search, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has been able to serve the area’s jobs seekers at no cost through the service of our volunteers and the generous contributions of area churches, foundations, businesses, and individuals. With this broad community support HJS has operated in a non-denominational and apolitical manner focusing on assisting the Northeast Ohio area job seeker.

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