Phone: 234-380-6808
Phone: 234-380-6808
George Murray - Hudson Job Search Volunteer

Professional Background

Since 1997 Hudson Job Search has had the pleasure of claiming George Murray as one of our Advisors, an integral component in our army of volunteers that are helping job seekers to hone their skills to land that next job.  George has demonstrated a true skill for helping higher level executives to get their bearings after a lay-off and regain control of their career path planning.

George currently serves in roles including Global Executive Partner, Board of Directors, Venture Capital and Private Equity Investor and Advisor.  He also brings to the table his experiences from a 37-year corporate career with multiple senior operational roles including President and Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer.  At Hudson Job Search we appreciate our volunteer advisors more than we can describe and take some time to feature them in our Featured Advisor blog posts.

Hudson Job Search Volunteer Advisor

George Murray was recruited by the former Hudson Job Search legend, leader and President, Pat Holden, in 1997.  George continues to enjoy serving the community and active job seekers that expect to work hard to land that next step-up in their career.  This is how George answered our interview questions for this month's Featured Advisor blog post:

Q: What do you enjoy the most about your role as an Advisor with the organization?
A: Helping individuals on their career journey and the thrill of clients making crisp decisions that help build their lifelong careers.

Q: What’s your favorite Hudson Job Search story?
A: I was assigned an executive who had been out of work for over two years. We worked together using our search process and they landed a job that was an excellent fit and at a significant increase in compensation.

Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking about becoming a Hudson Job Search Advisor?
A: These are emotionally intensive times for our clients and we can make a real difference.

Q: How did you learn how to advise Job Seekers?
A: Over my career I hired hundreds of people and listened to their individual stories.

Q: If Hudson Job Search could do anything, with limitless donations, what would you like to see the organization accomplish in the next 5 years?
A: I believe we could make a major difference for potential clients who are on the Autism spectrum.

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