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Effectively Communicating with Your Audience

effectively communicating with your audience

Leslie Ungar is the president of Electric Impulse Communications, Inc., where she helps individuals and corporations supercharge their leadership. As a Coach, Speaker, and Speechwriter. Leslie shared some of her methods on how to improve your communication skills in your job search. She says that the most qualified person does not always get the job. The person who communicates their value most effectively wins.

Putting Work Back into Networking

Networking is crucial in the job search. Networking events are great for growing your network and meeting people in your industry. You can find out what companies are looking for in candidates and what issues they may be facing. While you are attending these events, keep in mind that nearly everyone there has a “what can you do for me” mindset. Instead of asking what people can do for you, ask them what YOU can do for them. Realize that you must give before you can get. A great tip that Leslie shared was to ask people “who is someone I should meet?”.  You may get referred to HR representatives that are looking for candidates or to someone that knows whos hiring. NetWORKING is a job of its own, and you should treat it as such.

Communicating with your audience

Leslie says that the most qualified candidate does not always get the job due to their lack of communication skills. There are ways to showcase your strengths and abilities while also answering the interviewer’s questions and needs. When you are given a hypothetical situation or task, don’t give them a generic answer that you think they want to hear. Instead, tell them what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. Take time to formulate a strategy on how you want to answer these types of questions. Zety has a list of the 20 most common situational interview questions with well-structured answers. Study these questions and write down how you would answer them. Then, rehearse these answers by rewriting them down, taking a video of yourself, or practicing them in the mirror. Effectively communicating with your audience can give yourself more credibility.

Leslie Ungar, Effectively communicating to your audience

Communication Is More Than Vocal

When someone is speaking to you, are you listening with just your ears or with your eyes as well? You could compliment someone on their work, but your tone and appearance can say; otherwise, it may even come across as sarcasm. Leslie said that when you are communicating with someone, you have to keep in mind what you say, how you say it, and what you look like while saying it. Same goes in an interview.

What You Say

This is where your rehearsed answers come into play. Sometimes you may get thrown off and be asked a question that you may not be prepared. Do not blurt out whatever comes to your mind; take your time to collect your thoughts. Your interview strategy should include how to answer questions off the cuff.  Don’t forget that you want to show that you are there for them, so ask questions to get a better idea on how to answer the questions. Your strategy should improve over time, it will not be perfect right away, but it always has room to grow.

Leslie Ungar, Effectively communicating to your audience How You Say It

According to Leslie, some woman tends to end their sentences with a higher tone. Doing so, it makes it sound like they are asking a question rather than answering one. Keeping a consistent and professional tone will project your confidence and show you are serious about the job. The more congruent you are, the faster you will move through the interview. This doesn’t mean you are rushing the meeting, but it shows you are direct and to the point.

How You Look While Saying It

In a previous blog, I discussed some of the most important non-verbal cues that candidates tend to forget. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 83% of interviewers said the biggest interview turn off is lack of eye contact. Keeping consistent eye contact with your interviewer shows them that they have 100% of your attention. Along with eye contact, smiling will make you more memorable to the interviewer. Show them that you are happy the be there, and you are excited about the possibility of working for them.


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