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Job seekers all know that not every available position will be listed on one site. This can be frustrating and confusing at times. Instead of combing through multiple websites to find that perfect job — use Google!  It’s more than a search engine; it’s a job search engine! Google Jobs compiles job postings from thousands of sources to one list that is specific to your needs.

Getting Started

If you have ever used the internet in the past 15 years, then you have more than likely used Google a few times. In the search bar type your desired job title followed by the word “jobs” in quotations. For example, “Director of Human Resources Jobs”.  Your results should look something like the picture below. Once you click on one of the listings, Google will show you more information about the position. Information such as responsibilities, position summary, and even typical pay for the job.

Hudson Job Search, Hudson Ohio, Google Jobs, Job seekers

Narrow down Your Search

Above the job listings, you will see a navigation bar. You can filter out the results by Category, Title, Location, Date Posted, Type, Company Type, and Employer. This allows you to narrow down your results to find a job that is perhaps close to you, a non-profit, or part-time work. Furthermore, if you are not exactly sure on what position you are looking, you can modify your search using an asterisk (*). For example, you can type “entry-level * jobs” or “assistant level * jobs.” Google will show results such as assistant cook, assistant bookkeeper, or assistant manager; there is an example below. No, not assistant TO THE regional manager for all you Office fans out there.

Hudson Job Search, Hudson Ohio, Google Jobs, Job seekers

Map it out

An often forgotten feature of Google Jobs is Maps. Maps allow you to see smaller businesses in your area that could be hiring. Typically, people shoot for the big-name companies that can cost them a long commute. This method is going to take some time. First, open up Google Maps and in the search bar type in something along the lines of  “Marketing Agencies near me.” Google will give you a list of businesses along with a map with pins where the companies are located. Select a business, and you will be able to view their website, phone number, and hours. Unfortunately, there is no “quick apply” or “help wanted” button. Use the information provided to either view their website where job postings should be or cold call them and ask if they are hiring. Either way, this can help narrow down your options and get a good idea of what jobs are in your area.

Please come to our Next Hudson Job Search Meeting!

Hudson Job Search will be hosting a panel night with Mark Gonska, Terese McGroaty, and Ralph Sinistro  on August 19, 2019, @ 7:30-9:00 pm at Christ Church Episcopal, 21 Aurora St.  Hudson, OH. Topics include Salary negotiation, Is Franchising a Potential For You, and Job Seeking Services Available from Ohio Means Jobs/Akron.

Hudson Job Search, Hudson Ohio, Job Seekers, Mulligan Management groupHudson Job Search knows how crucial networking is in a job search, so from now on, we are dedicating time to allow job seekers to network! This event will take place from 7:00-7:30 pm before our meeting.

All our events are free of charge and open to anyone who lives and works in the greater NEO area, whether you currently have a job or not. No need to register in advance, but seating is limited to approximately 40 individuals. Please dress business casual.

Michael McClafferty is an intern at Mulligan Management Group


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