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Phone: 234-380-6808
Maura McDonald

Hudson Job Search has enjoyed the benefit of having a former client, Maura McDonald as an Advisor for several years. Her attitude and contributions to the organization have been so positive and generous. We take this month to feature Maura and spotlight her history and contribution to the organization with this interview:

Professional Background

Maura McDonald received an undergraduate degree in Engineering and MBA in Logistics Management. She has worked in Supply Chain Management and has worked in Trade Compliance the last 12 years and currently works at Rockwell Automation.

Q: What inspired you to become an Advisor with Hudson Job Search?

A: I was in a job search and Bob Madison was assigned as my Advisor. One of the things that I really liked about the process and attending the meetings was the connection with people. Job search can be lonely, but with the HJS process you have a community of people where everyone is in the same situation as you. You are in an equal setting and can have conversation and networking opportunities.

Bob Madison recruited me.  He was so supportive as my Advisor.  I remember he told me, “you will land a job, and when you do, you will come back to help others.”

Q: What do you enjoy the most about your role as an Advisor with the organization?

A: I like providing guidance and positive support. I like the process; it helps the job seeker know where to start. There is structure, a road map that gives reassurance and positive support.

Q: What’s your favorite Hudson Job Search story?

As a job seeker, I connected with another woman that became my job search buddy. We could relate to what the other was going through and that was very powerful. I think it is very important to come in person to the speaker meetings to connect with other job seekers.

Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking about becoming a Hudson Job Search Advisor?

A:  If you are thinking about it, you should do it. It helps to have gone through the process of a job search; that perspective is important.

Q: How did you learn how to advise Job Seekers?

A:  The guidance provided by Jim Ahern, the former HJS Director, and the Gant Chart that is a job search tool with a timeline for guidance. You need to meet the job seeker where they are at, adjust for each person.

Q: If Hudson Job Search could do anything, with limitless donations, what would you like to see the organization accomplish in the next 5 years?

A: I like the niche that HJS has created – the small community feel of it.  Exponential growth is not necessary. Our hybrid meetings allow those who don’t live close to partake in the speaker meetings. The hometown feel of the organization is important, while we assist mainly white-collar job seekers, I’d like expansion to help other industries such as blue collar and the service industry.

The only downside with the hybrid meetings is that there has not been much in-person attendance and we know how effective in-person networking can be.  Maybe we should limit the online option to only five meetings. Also, to incentivize people to attend in-person, we could offer a chance to win a Panera gift card to use when you invite someone to an informational networking meeting and a gas card to help come to the meeting, or grocery card.


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