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Networking in Our New Normal

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After two years of living in the pandemic world, it seems as video networking is here to stay. Our speaker last Monday, Hugo Sandberg, said everyone should accept and make the most of it.

Hugo worked for large and small companies such as Smucker’s, Little Tikes, and The Flood Company. In 2020, he started his own company HFS Solutions, and told attendees he should have moved to entrepreneurship twenty years ago!

Networking Nuggets

  • Research states that 80-85% of all jobs are found through networking.
  • Networking is a mindset. You can network at the grocery store, where you volunteer, or at church.
  • Don’t be afraid to network because most individuals want to help job seekers.
  • Be persistent – Hugo mentioned that it took him twenty times to secure an appointment with someone. When asked, the person said, “you’re persistent, and I like that!”
  • Be open to advice.
  • Keep notes about people you meet (spouses, kids, birthdays, hobbies) and put those notes in your CRM system.
  • Stay in touch with your network, even after you secure a job.

Networking Tactics


Your network should consist of:

  • Former managers and co-workers
  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Vendors
  • Consultants
  • Former teachers
  • Professional association members
  • LinkedIn Group members
  • Service groups
  • Gym
  • Church

Organize your contacts into A, B, and C levels

Tools you need to be Successful


  • Resume and Complete LinkedIn profile (make sure they are consistent)
  • One page Marketing Plan that should consist of the following from top to bottom:
    • A professional photo (same as LinkedIn)
    • A section about Adding Value
    • A section on Significant Accomplishments
    • Brand and customer portfolio of clients you have worked for
    • Recent roles You have held
    • Your target roles (be specific)
    • Your target company profiles (general)
    • Your target companies
  • Come up with a digital system to keep everything organized. The free cloud-based CRM systems are:
  • Organize your contacts in an email campaign platform such as MailChimp. You can have 2,000 connections within the system without paying for it.

Before the Meeting


Ask yourself two things:

  1. What do you want to get out of the meeting?
    Have a clearly defined objective.
  2. How can this person help you?

Be sure to research the company and the person.
Have your 30-second elevator speech down cold.
Prepare questions.

In the Networking Meeting


  • Use the AIR approach – Ask for advice, information, and referrals.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Be respectful of their time – don’t go over the time limit without asking if it’s okay to do so.
  • Be early (even if it’s on Zoom).

After the Meeting


  • Send a thank-you note.
  • Input any referrals and notes into your CRM system.
  • Review the outcome with your job search buddy or advisor.



Hugo says it’s essential to send email updates to your job search list from time to time and remain positive throughout the entire process.

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