Phone: 234-738-0292 Email:

Phone: 234-738-0292 Email:

Thank You for Registering. In-Person Seminar.

Thank you for registering for a Hudson Job Search free seminar. We are expecting you in-person and very excited to involve you in some pre-seminar networking from 7:15 – 7:30PM.

Our seminars are great resources for job seekers around Northeast Ohio and the networking at these meetings can be beneficial for job search. Come meet Hudson Job Search Advisors and fellow job seekers, as well as happily employed professionals that are interested in the seminar content.

At Hudson Job Search the free seminars are open to everyone. Feel free to spread the word or bring someone with you. Learn more about our free job seeker resources on our page: Free Job Search Services

Free Seminar Entrance

Location: Christ Church Episcopal in Hudson

21 Aurora St., Hudson, OH 44236 United States  + Google Map

Christ Church Episcopal is a large white church with red doors, made up of several buildings, and located next to First Congregational Church (a brick building).  Visitors unfamiliar with the area could easily be confused. Please look at the pictures on this page to get an idea of where to enter and determine where to park accordingly. There will be small signage at the door.

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