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Jim Gorian, President of Management Recruiters of Hudson, shared some insight on working with recruiters. Jim founded Management Recruiters of Hudson over 17 years ago, and is “guided by the principle that we are helping build the client companies we serve while positively leveraging the careers of the candidate we work with.” Throughout the presentation, Jim answered questions on what to expect from recruiters and what they can do for you.

In House Vs. External Recruiters

There are two categories recruiters fall under, in-house and external. You can identify the difference by where they operate, their contact information, and how they interact with candidates (you).

The Difference

In-house recruiters typically work in the same building of the business, has a corporate email address and can be reached by the same phone number. They are typically paid a salary by the employer they represent.

External recruiters are paid on performance and quality of the candidates they find for the open position. Usually, they are paid a percentage of the salary that is accepted by the candidate they found. Keep that in mind; external recruiters compensation is based on whether or not you get the job and your salary. So you would think they would want to prepare you as much as they can and get you the best offer possible.

Working with Internal Recruiters

Internal recruiters can have some influence on whether you get the job. They will be compensated the same no matter the outcome. Treat these recruiters as if they are the deciding factor. Always dress like you are going to an interview when you meet and present yourself as best as you can. You do not want to rub them the wrong way since their input is vital.

Working with External Recruiters

On the other hand, external recruiters can be more helpful. Both you and the recruiter want the same thing, employment!  You can share some of your weaknesses with them so they can help you improve those weaknesses and prepare for the interview. According to HuffPost, some benefit of external recruiters is the information they have that can give you a competitive edge. They can tell you what problems the employer is facing, who the decision makers are, and what they are ultimately are looking for. Don’t expect them to hold your hand throughout the process; they are there to give you insight.

Your D.I.G.

D.I.G. stands for Discipline, Industry, and Geography. Discipline examples are engineering, law, or human resources. The more specific you are with industry (pumps, ejection molds, oven manufacturing)  and geography (Northeast Ohio, West of the Mississippi, Southern Illinois) the better. Jim suggests that the best way to find a recruiter who is searching for candidates in your field is to assure you D.I.G. matches up with their requirements. If you are in search of a recruiter, go check out The Balanced Career, they have an article on how to find recruiters in your area!

Please come to our Next Hudson Job Search Meeting!

Hudson Job Search will present Fearless Interviewing: How to Excel in Your Next Job Interview by Mike Polovick on July 15th from 7:15-9:00 pm at Christ Church Episcopal, 21 Aurora St.  Hudson, OH. Michael Polovick retired VP of Human Resources for The Smithers Group has more than 30 years of hiring and HR leadership experience.

All our events are free of charge and open to anyone who lives and works in the greater NEO area, whether you currently have a job or not. No need to register in advance, but seating is limited to approximately 40 individuals. Please dress business casual.


Michael McClafferty is an intern with Mulligan Management Group.

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