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job search strategies

Abby Kohut, Owner & Recruiter at Staffing Symphony, LLC, talked about strategies she has personally used with her clients or those she has heard or read about.

She encouraged our attendees to try one or more, especially if their job search is currently stalled.


Uncommon LinkedIn Job Search Strategies


  1. Alert your LinkedIn connections that you are #OpenForWork (a badge you can put around your profile photo).
  2. Set up a Google Voice number and add that phone number to your profile. Be sure to have the same number under your contact information.
  3. If you lost a job to another person, email that person and ask them if their former job is still open. If that person is open to a dialog, ask them why they were chosen for their current position.
  4. Ask everyone in your network for a virtual coffee.
  5. Find the hiring manager for the open LinkedIn position.

Uncommon Education Strategies


  1. If you are changing industries, learn and use the language and terminology of that industry.
  2. Attend conferences and webinars – many of them are still virtual and free.
  3. Get certifications.


Uncommon Perception Strategies

  1. Don’t use old email extensions (.aol, .hotmail, .yahoo).
  2. Don’t use goofy names like or
  3. If you are known in your industry, consider buying a URL such as ($4.99 a year) and get the email address that goes along with it, such as
  4. Build your online portfolio under this URL.
  5. Write a blog about job hunting.
  6. Write a white paper.
  7. If you are on Twitter, tweet about what you know
  8. When on an interview, create a presentation about your 30-60-90 day plan for the job you want to get.


Uncommon Resume  (Won’t pass ATS) Strategies


  1. Instead of a resume, create a tri-fold brochure
  2. Create an infographic resume
  3. Order chocolate bars with printable wrappers (minimum order 125) – give them out to prospective employers.
  4. If you want to work for a company, use their website layout (i.e., Google, Amazon) as your resume layout

Uncommon Attention-Getting Job Search Strategies


  1. Pick a location in front of a news station and give out your resume to every passerby.
  2. Buy one share of stock for a publicly owned company you want to work for and go to their annual meeting.
  3. Identify a problem a company has and write to the CEO about how you’d fix the problem.
  4. Go into a large office building with diverse clients and drop off your resume at each office. For example, a person did this – dropped off 100 resumes and got three job offers within one week.
  5. Put lights on your house that you want a job.
  6. Take a billboard out.
  7. Create a YouTube video about the top 10 reasons why someone should hire you.


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