Phone: 234-380-6808
Phone: 234-380-6808

This month we are proud to announce our featured Hudson Job Search Advisor, Bill Homjak. Bill is not only an asset as an Advisor, or a one-on-one coach for our job seekers, he is also a speaker at our Monday night seminars, a free resource for job seekers in the area. Bill frequently covers topics such as “Job Search for the Age 50+ Job Seeker” and “50+ is a Plus When Looking for a Job.”  Below is our recent interview with featured Advisor, Bill Homjak:

Professional Background:

Bill is retired as a Corporate Director and Vice President of HR for multiple corporations and also worked in the field of Training and Organizational Development. He had his own consulting practice for several years doing an equal split of both of these specialty areas. His background also includes expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Leadership Training, Team Building, and Performance Management.

Q: What Inspired you to Become an Advisor for Hudson Job Search?

“I was initially a client (job seeker) with Hudson Job Search and the late Bob Madison was my Advisor. The original director of HJS, Pat Holden recruited me to become an Advisor 25 years ago.   I like the interaction between Advisors and the process we use with the job seekers.”

Q: What do you Enjoy the Most About your Role as an Advisor with the Organization?

“I enjoy the mix of advising and training. Having been a client, I can appreciate the role and the situation they are in.” Bill has been a Monday night speaker on topics such as resumes, interviewing, networking, phone interviewing and his topic on the 50+ Job Seeker. He has also assisted with our Advisor training by teaching interpersonal skills.

Q: What’s your Favorite Hudson Job Search Story?

“I’ve enjoyed the wide range of clients, but one of the most inspiring I had within the past year was a 79-year-old engineer, who had lots of energy and wanted to continue to work and he landed a job!”

Q: What Would you Say to Someone who is Thinking about Becoming a Hudson Job Search Advisor?

“It is a great way to help individuals and the community.”

Q: How did you Learn to Advise Job Seekers?

“Pat Holden was an early coach, but it was mostly on-the-job training. Now we have specific training, an Advisor Guide, and an opportunity to shadow another Advisor with their client. This is all very helpful. The Advisor Retreats help with the technical background and interpersonal skills; especially for those who do not have Human Resource experience.”

Q: If Hudson Job Search could do Anything, with Limitless Donations, what Would you Like to see the Organization Accomplish in the Next 5 Years?

“We have been great at sustaining the original purpose of helping unemployed job seekers as an all-volunteer and faith-based organization for 40 years, that sustainability is impressive. It would be wonderful if Hudson Job Search could train other job seeker volunteer organizations on our process and Advisor model that would assist job seekers in other communities.”

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