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Mark Gonska, Chief Connections Officer for Dise & Company, spoke to our group about the key ways to overcome barriers in your search.


He covered in his talk:

  • Getting and Keeping Motivation when it comes to Networking
  • Identifying Three Critical Success Factors
    • Having a Clear Understanding of Your Target Companies
    • Knowing Who You Need to Talk to and
    • What to Say – Sharing The Cost of NOT hiring you
  • Tools that Fools Ignore


For all open jobs,

8% are filled with Head Hunters

12% are Advertised (Unfortunately, this is where most people spend all their time looking for a job) and

80% are found through Conversations and Market Intelligence


Mark said for posted job listing; you should find out:

1.     Who is responsible for the search?

2.    Once you know who it is, connect with them on LinkedIn. Ask them who is your ideal candidate.

3.    How did this position become open?
An extrovert will do this by asking a series of questions. An introvert will research to find out more. Either way is effective.


Mark also reiterated; most people don’t like to do networking. But he said if you break it down into a simple mathematical equation, you will see it is worth it!


Salary x 5 years = $$ x 1.3 (for benefits) = the total revenue you’ll make in five years!


Here’s an example. If the job pays $100,000 a year and the benefits are worth 30% of the salary, the value of the job over five years is $650,000.

So, Mark asked, “Aren’t your networking efforts worth $650,000?”


When identifying your target companies, you want to look at:


  • Skills and Abilities – does the job description line up with your skills?
  • Interests and Passions
  • Environment, Culture, and Values – Look at their website, on Glassdoor, read customer reviews

Ideally, you want to identify a company that matches what you want in all three areas. If you do, you will be a more engaged employee, and Mark believes a much happier employee.


Tools for Fools


  1. Email your marketing plan to your contacts, even if they are not crazy about picking up the phone and networking with you.
  2. Employers love a T-Sheet where you put the posting requirements on the left and your qualifications on the right. Then, place your resume with the T-Sheet and send it off!
  3. Before going on an interview, create a spreadsheet that has the following:

    Employer | Problems | Ideas that made it better | Obstacles you overcame | Benefits to the Employer
    Keep working on it throughout your job search time. It will help you in your interviews.


  1. Answer these two questions:
    1. Why should the company hire you?
    2. Why shouldn’t they hire you?



Job Search Obstacles Conclusion


Mark stated no one loves to network, but it pays off big! In addition, he wants you to think about the cost of NOT hiring you and work that into your mindset.


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