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Resume Tips for Job Seekers

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Jeff Bissell from NMG Aerospace led the charge on a lively discussion about ways to improve your resume. As an introduction, Jeff mentioned he was a Boy Scout leader, fitness instructor, and a seasoned Hudson Job Search advisor.

Jeff said, you need to ask the following questions with every prospective employer interview:

  • Am I prepared?
  • Have I practiced?
  • Did I follow up?

He also brought to light that job seekers should view the process from the other side of the desk. For example, would you spend time with someone ill-prepared and unpolished? And would you be impressed with a job seeker that didn’t follow up after the interview? You know how the HR specialist or manager feels if you answer no.

Jeff also stated you should be curious about the person, the organization, and the industry. By asking questions, you show you are interested in the position.

Resume Work


  • When you list each company you worked for, mention its size, the number of employees, whether it’s public or private, and the number of employees you managed (if applicable).For example, if you worked for IBM, you’d print:
    IBM, a Fortune 500 publicly-traded company with 13 million global employees. Part of the Consulting Division. Managed four employees.


  • Every bullet is important. A bullet should convey information or communicate an accomplishment. Then, try and tell a story behind that accomplishment.


  • Have trouble coming up with good bullet points? Jeff said turn to old performance reviews, resumes, and specific accomplishments (i.e., received a promotion, became a manager, certifications).

Here are two examples:

    • Implemented a new ERP system in six months leading a team of 45.
    • Increased customer delivery performance from 27 to 100% by tracking production and leading daily and monthly status reviews.
  • Once you have your resume completed, select 4-5 key accomplishments. Then, write each achievement on a 3×5 card and describe it in more detail. Carry those cards around with you and practice, practice, practice! (Hint – you also might want to do this with your 30-second commercial, too).


  • Practice with video. Hudson Job Search offers a practice interview, and LinkedIn allows you to capture your answers to common interview questions as well.


  • Before you go on an interview, be sure to research the company and the person you are interviewing with. Find out:
    • How is the company changing and growing?
    • What is important to the interviewer?
    • Who are the leaders?
    • Who do you know within the organization?


  • After the interview, send handwritten thank-you notes to each person. It makes a huge difference! Follow-up via phone, email, and even text if you have the person’s cell number. Let them know you are very interested in the position.




Remember to ask these questions:

  • Am I prepared?
  • Have I practiced?
  • Did I follow up?

Do these things, and your job search will be much less frustrating and more impactful.


“Success is more a faction of consistent common sense than it is of genius.” – An Wang


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