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How to Get a Job When You’re Over 50 in 5 Easy Steps

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Bill Homjak was the presenter last Monday, and he speaks from experience. As a seasoned HR professional, he had five job changes between 50-59 years of age and three additional ones in his 60s.

“Is age a disadvantage in finding a job?”

Bill said it could be as an employer can hire someone with the same job title for less money.

Today’s Reality

  • By 2024, 25% of all US workforce will be 55+ years of age.
  • By 2024, labor force growth for the 65–74-year-old age group will grow by 55% and
  • Today, there are 11 million US jobs and only 4.2 million job seekers. Why? Demographic changes, the pandemic, Ecommerce demand, and The Great Resignation.

Five Principles of 50+ Job Seekers


  1. Age is positive or negative, depending on your attitude.
    Even though it is against the law, Bill noted that age discrimination is alive and well.
  2. Don’t search for a job; seek to satisfy a need.
    Please identify what you can do for the organization NOW (i.e., a bonus is they don’t have to train or certify you). Then, show them how you can fix their problems. In other words, what are your deliverables? What are your unique skills and abilities? What have you personally accomplished over the past one-three years – get as specific as possible. Solving their problems is the number one reason an employer will hire you.
  3. Try not to act your age.
    Only go back on your resume 10-15 years. Make sure your attire, hairstyle, and physical appearance match the company’s culture. When in doubt, overdress.
  4. It’s about networking.
    When networking, gain advice and input about organizations where you can solve their problems. Get involved in professional organizations, volunteer, teach a class, and join networking groups.
  5. Choose your employer wisely.
    If you target small to medium-sized organizations, remind them they won’t have to allocate money for training, that you can hit the road running from day one. Look at governmental agencies and non-profit organizations as they are experiencing a vast exit of Baby Boomers at this time. Often governmental agencies have a total comp package that surpasses the private sector.

Bill said, most importantly, don’t shut off opportunities too early. Don’t always turn down contract, part-time, or temporary work as this is your opportunity to get to know if you want to work there and if they want you to work there.

Bill also found in his vast experience in HR, if they want you, they will find a way to meet your requirements work.

There’s a silver lining to seeking employment after the age of 50: your experience.  A website called nifty50 is a valuable resource.

Hudson Job Search Helps those Over 50

Hudson Job Search meets the first and third Monday evenings via Zoom. Networking is from 7:00 – 7:30 p.m. The meeting is from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. All our events are free of charge and open to anyone who lives and works in the greater NEO area, whether you currently have a job or not. Visit our Events link for upcoming meeting topics.

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