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The Power of Presence, Hudson Job Search

Jeff Nischwitz from The Nischwitz Group was our speaker this past Monday. He has written four leadership books. He said most people get the words “being present” wrong – that there are three elements to this state of mind.

  • Being present to the moment
  • Being present with others
  • Being present with a task

When it comes to job seeking, the overall importance of being present with others in our lives comes to a critical head when facing two of the most vital job seeker events — networking and interviewing.  If you are not present during these events, you reduce your effectiveness and harm your chances of getting a helpful networker or a positive interview.

Here is more about Jeff’s tips.


#1: When Present, we are Unstoppable


Jeff referred to Amy Cuddy’s book Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges.

“The more present you are, the more people will see you as present.”

Being present is a journey, and if we find we are drifting off, we only need to say to ourselves, “Stay present.”


#2: Being Present with Other People

power of presence, hudson job search

Putting your phone down or lamenting about a job loss with others is not being present. Likewise, beating yourself up about that job situation is not being present.

He said feeling fear, regret, or sadness is not in the present – those feelings are about the future or events that happened to us in the past.

Jeff stated that stress is usually related to future things that haven’t happened, like:

  • What if I don’t get a job?
  • What if I get COVID-19?
  • What about my savings?

Stress also comes from things we cannot control or cannot do. So focus on the things you can do. Give up the words: should, could, try, but, someday, busy and overwhelming.

To be present with another person, you need to be vulnerable. You are not present when you think about HOW to respond to an interview question instead of just reacting to it. Give a response that flows out from you, don’t think about it.

Ask yourself in a job interview, “Am I present?”


#3: Being Present to a Task


Don’t try and multitask. Most of us are no good at it. So instead, if you are making your networking calls, focus on the conversations or leaving a voicemail.

One good way to keep your mind from wandering is to have a notepaper nearby. If a thought pops into your head, write it down and then forget it. You will be surprised by how effective this is.




Jeff reminded us that the more present we are, the more confident we become, and the more confidence we exude, the more likely we will become effective in our job search and life.


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