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Losing your job does not define you ...

... what you do about it does.

What Is Hudson Job Search?

Hudson Job Search is a non-denominational Christian-based organization that provides outplacement services to the Hudson community at no charge. We assist those newly unemployed Hudsonites, who may not have outplacement access, the ability to meet regularly with a volunteer advisor. The goal is to help the unemployed develop the skills necessary to re-enter the job market.

Since our formation in 1982, Hudson Job Search has assisted more than 3,900 Hudsonites in finding work.

Next General Meeting

Monday, August 20, 2018 - 7:15pm
Presented By:
Rico Aliers

Rico Aliers MSTD





The majority of good jobs are found through networking. Social recruiting and hiring (or leveraging social media during the recruiting/hiring process) is the norm. The majority of employers and recruiters now leverage social media when on the hunt for candidates.  The most popular platform is LinkedIn, however more than half use Facebook, and nearly half use Twitter. But this use of social media is not just focused on (relatively) old established social media channels, a rising number of recruiters report utilizing Snap-chat, Instagram, and other smaller platforms  during the recruiting/hiring process. Therefore, if social media is important to recruiters and employers, then using social media during the job search is also very important.


Rico Aliers is a seasoned training professional with more than 10 years of experience in developing and delivering training programs, assessment tools, and curriculum. He currently teaches career and social media workshops at the Ohio Means Jobs center in Summit County in order to assist job seekers in finding and retaining full time permanent jobs with benefits. In his workshops, attendees learn how to navigate applicant tracking software, tap into the hidden job network, create an ATS proof resume, prepare for and answer the most challenging interview questions, and understand the process that their applications and resumes will face in the 21st century.