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Top 10 Job Sites All Job Seekers Should Use

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Limiting yourself to one job seeking site will not benefit you as much as utilizing more than three or four. These may be the top 10 job seeker sites but they each have an individual advantage over one another. The majority of these sites are search engine based that pull job postings from various sources. Note that each site may not use the same sources thus you are missing out on job listings that one site may not offer. Furthermore, nine out of ten of the sites are free to use, so it is not costing you anything other than time to use their tools. Do yourself a favor and make your job search easier by utilizing the features of these job seeker sites.


With over 575 million users, LinkedIn is one of the tops networking sites. Users can create profiles that serve as resumes. Your profile can include your work experience, education, awards, and other content that can best represent you in the industry you are looking for work in. Users can also post industry related content, recommendations, and connect with companies they are interested in. Build your network with LinkedIn’s free features, including setting up 10 job alerts, and writing a personalized note to recruiters.

2. Indeed

Indeed consolidates thousands of job listings from many companies and staffing agencies in one organized site. You can search for jobs using their various filters such as desired location, industry, and position. You also have access to information about the companies you are applying for. Indeed says 9.8 jobs are added to their site every second globally.

3. offers similar features as Indeed but also offers job search advice, a resume builder tool, and job alerts. You can upload your resume for hiring managers and recruiters to search. The site is discreet for people who have a job but are looking for work elsewhere. It also uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to sort through resumes and companies job postings to match the user to employers making it easy to find a perfect fit.


This site is primarily for job openings for upper-level executives and professionals who are looking for a management position. A subscription will run you $597 a month or $5,988 a year. If you have experience in an upper-level management position, have the desired salary of 100k+, and is comfortable paying a subscription fee then I recommend this site for you.


Career builder has been around for more than 20 years. It is one of the biggest job boards around, with similar features as indeed and but with even more criteria fields. This site also partners with news media around the country and collects job listings. Another feature would be the site’s career advice and resources for job candidates.


Glassdoor started as a site for current or former employees to post anonymous reviews about companies and their experience working there. Glassdoor provides insight into a company’s interview process, work environment, salary, and benefits. This site also allows employers to find qualified candidates and market their companies to job seekers. This site allows present and past employees to give their employer a star rating.


You may wonder with a name like Monster how this site relates to job seeking. Well, this massive site includes one of the largest job listings of any website. With features such as networking boards, uploading your resume, offering service to 40 different countries, and search alerts, Monster is a strong contender to help you find a job.

8.Zip Recruiter

Zip Recruiter boasts over 8 million jobs. This site offers one-click application services making applying for multiple jobs a breeze. You can message employers and set up notifications for what you want to be altered about. Some users say that the search capability may be somewhat lacking but its job board network and alerts make up for that. This site is popular among recruiters and job-seekers alike.

9. Simply Hired

SimplyHired is a job seeker search engine. This site offers email alerts, the ability to save job searchers and specific criteria selections. You can focus your searches on things such as women-led companies, veteran owned, or eco-friendly companies.

10. Google Jobs

Google for Jobs is a service provided by Google to help job seekers find job listings that are right for them. The search engine compiles from multiple different sources and sites. The user types in what job they are looking for and Google pulls up related listings. Like other sites, users can narrow their results by selecting different criteria.

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